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  • Immagine del redattoreRebeka Legović


After 6 years I return to Rijeka, my hometown, with a solo exhibition. Wednesday July 12th at 8pm at Kortil Gallery, we will open PRIORITY REVELATIONS, which collects the works that have marked my photographic journey through last years. It’s a large-format exhibition, mainly architecture and fashion photography.

Curator of the exhibition is Borislav Božić. These are his words:

"Where the border is, where the dividing line is between those who create and those who take? If we look, if we know and want to look, it is very clear, it is visible. Therefore, the division of photographic authors can be divided into those who notice and just “take” certain scenes from the environment and we have authors who thoroughly explore the environment, arrange and direct it according to their own ideas, and only then do they photograph this new spatial and conceptual constellation, i.e. create a photographic image. Rebeka Legović also belongs to these latter authors. The first experience that emerges the moment that we see Rebeka’s photographic images is emptiness, a metaphysical emptiness, a supernatural emptiness brought to perfection. Nothing is left to chance – every element, every detail has its place right there where it should be and how it should be. Hence, the author herself says: „I’m constantly looking for motives and locations that we may not notice or experience in passing, and which could provide a unique escape from the visual routine.“ The basis of Rebeka’s work, regardless of the project it concerns, is the thorough preparation on all levels: mental, emotional, psychological, creative, etc. She leaves nothing to chance – she plans everything, however, this does not mean a cold and rational approach. On the contrary, it means that her idea that is conceived in the secret and never explained spaces of the soul, heart, I don’t know where, but from where this eruption of creation and passion starts, Rebeka binds and step by step realises, i.e. materialises in these powerful photographic images."


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