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  • Immagine del redattoreRebeka Legović



It's a great honor to be a part of the first edition of the book PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE VISUAL CULTURE 2021. With pleasure I accepted the invitation.

„The photographs by Rebeka Legović are characterised by the choice of extraordinarily and surrealistic views and scenarios, in which the geometry of the urban world assumes a new and altered identity. Despite the need for an initial reassessment, the newly created dimension gives way to a peculiar new reality. The artist's language focuses on merging architecture with the human figure, which are often joint by images of the sky and clouds, creating a specific rhythm between straight lines and sinuous natural streams. It feels as if the photographs captured the inaccesibility of the clouds and the wind, the light and the shadows together with the firmness of the architectural and human forms; the concept of change and its opposite are both enclosed in one shot, in the same frame, in the same idea. She blurs the borders between art, fashion and architectural photography.In Rebeka's photographic language, the contrast between colours seems to be the most important concept: we can see it not just in the general outlook of the works, but also in the choice of the subject and the dialogue between the titles and the images, which aim to set a new definition of the photographed object. With these pastel-colored shots, we see the character evolve in a space-time disconnected from reality.The focus is not on recognising a particular place, but rather on evoking a specific memory, which can bring along collective and historical memories. The observer is pushed to examine carefully the shots and to attempt an objective reconstruction based on the artist's will to build a new, metaphysical and surreal dimension. Legović's gaze of the world and human figure chooses carefully what to capture on the basis of a suggestion that becomes a sort of evocative thought and brings to mind an unconscious matrix.On the one hand, the metaphysical allure that is evoked by these works is enriched by the rationalization of spaces and human figures, which the artist chooses as subjects. On the other hand, it is also caused by that sense of underlying suspense that the photograph captures, silently, thanks to the contrast between colours, light and shadow, full and empty spaces, ideal sounds and real silences.”


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