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  • Immagine del redattoreRebeka Legović


It’s a great honor to be in this selected group of photographers, the most iconic names of contemporary photography, such as Sandro Miller, Steve McCurry, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Gideon Lewin, Justine Tjallinks, Adam Ferguson, Art Streiber, Maria Svarbova and others.

"Today, we want to commemorate our readers’ trust month after month, with a specially curated edition of twenty-four artists, one for each month’s magazine. Selected one by one, the former artists you will find through this pages have been chosen to be published again because of their sincerity with the reality they represent or their creativity in imagining new scenarios. Their excellence and contribution to the photographic world, and their ability to invite us to reflect on and about aesthetics, have inspired our searching through almost two hundred other artists that have crossed our magazine doors.” FOTONOSTRUM MAGAZINE, 22 APRIL 2022


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